Our Approach

Stricklin & Associates is a bipartisan public affairs firm helping clients succeed in the public policy arena. 

Established in 2005, Stricklin & Associates has a demonstrated record of success enacting legislation, modifying or defeating legislative or regulatory threats to clients, securing appropriations, and ensuring your voice is heard in the process.

Our work is guided by very specific principles: We always conduct our business ethically and professionally. We assist our client in compliance with all laws and regulations governing interactions with public officials. We believe in long-term, honest relationships. And we are accessible around the clock and at a moment's notice. 

We also believe in some fundamental principles of effective public affairs:


We invest in building knowledge.  Before providing perspective or advice, we review the facts and background and assess how they align with the point of view of our clients.  We prepare our clients for the people they will meet and the questions they will face.


Most of the time the client tells the story better than anyone else can.  But we invest considerable time learning the particulars of the issue and mastering the details, and regularly provide testimony in committee hearings or appear on behalf of a client before an agency director.


Government policy can sometimes take years to develop, or a controversial issue can roll into and out of the Capitol almost without warning.  Our highest value is understanding how the process works and we keep our clients aware constantly of when and why events are taking place.


Our bipartisan relationships are built on credibility.  We understand the dynamics of the districts from which our legislators are elected and the campaign they ran to win their office.  And we are always conducting due diligence to understand the political forces which influence the policy process.